Meca table with inkjet air cushion pucks

Plateforme Numérique Jeulin
  • Inkjet printing
  • Negligible friction
  • Adjustable printing frequency
  • Synchronisation and remote printing
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Data sheet Meca table with inkjet air cushion pucks


This new Mechanics table with inkjet marking is the new generation of Mechanics tables.

1- Safe: no high voltage, the inkjet offers secure experiments
2- Accurate: frictionless movements for the marking as for the autonomous pucks (wireless, no air connection)
3- Educational: the marking of puck positions at scale 1, no conversion required from your students
4- Video ready: thanks to its integrated LED, the puck will be easily located by the camera

Standard consumables: cartridge ink and white paper (A1 format).


- 1 Meca table, lightweight and easy to store: A1 format
- 2 air cushion pucks (Ø 100 mm x h 95 mm)
- 1 remote controller for adjusting printing frequency
- 1 charging station
- 1 device for accelerometer (pulley, plate and overweight)
- 1 accessory for marking the edge of the puck
- 1 accessory for determining center of gravity of two linked pucks
- 2 overweights
- 2 accessories for elastic collisions
- 2 accessories for inelastic collisions
- 1 adjustable force launcher
- 1 block for rotation
- 1 set of shims
- Elastic wire for deformable solid
- Nylon string
- A1 sheet of paper (50)
Computerization of measurements Video
Type of device Table
Type of experiment Parabolic, Collisions, Inclined plane
Type of product Mécanique, Physique-Chimie

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