Microscope LED Series with mechanical stage 40-1000

  • Separate coarse and fine adjustment knobs Wireless usage for a versatility without limits
  • Quality image thanks to the cold LED lighting Magnification x40-x1000
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Data sheet Microscope LED Series with mechanical stage 40-1000


In addition to the mechanical stage, the microscope is equipped with an Abbe condenser 1.25 which optimizes the conditions of observation.
Butée de protection Oui
Condenser Abbe 1.25 adjustable in height
Diaphragm Iris diaphragm and filter holder
Eyepieces x10 large field of view fixed with index
Focusing By rack with separated fine and coarse knobs
Head Monocular
Head Monocular, inclined at 45°, can be rotated through 360°, non-removable
Housse Fournie
Illumination LED
Magnification x40 to x1,000
Model Others
Objectives Achromatic
On reversed turret 4 places
x4 / x 10 / x 40 (retractable) x 100 (retractable, by immersion)
Power supply With rechargeable batteries and separate transformer 5.5 V / 300 mA
Stage Square 125 x 125 mm with coaxial knobs mechanical stage, 65 x 25 mm set range with vernier
Éclairage (détails) LED réglable par molette séparée de l'interrupteur