Model: horizontality of water

  • Visible du fond de la classe
  • Magnétique pour une mise en place simplifiée
  • Couleurs contrastantes
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Data sheet Model: horizontality of water


The horizontality of liquids clearly showed.With this model, you will easily show that the surface of a
liquid always remains horizontal whatever the orientation of the container.
Moreover, 2 plumb lines are used as vertical
markers to ease the visibility of the phenomenon. The tank transparency makes
the  comparison with marks directly traced on the board
possible.For a better visibility, even from the back of the classroom, the colored
borders of the tank and the plumb lines clearly contrast whatever the color of
the board (black or white). To increase this visibility, it
is possible to color the water with a food


1 cuve magnétique transparente à fixer sur le tableau
2 fils à plomb, l'un se fixant sur la cuve à l'aide d'une ventouse et l'autre sur le tableau au moyen d'un aimant
Practical themes Properties of matter
Type of product Chimie

Other Specifications


1 transparent magnetic tank to be fixed on the board
2 plumb lines, the first one fixed on the tank using
a suction cup and the other one fixed on the board using a


Dimensions (L x w x d) : 295 x 210 x 150 mm
Parallel faces
made of transparent plastic.
Yellow borders.
Adhesive magnets
at the back.

Plumb lines:
: about 500 mm.
Thick fluo line.
Magnets and
fixation suction cup.

Supplied with instructions manual.

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