Modular safety cabinet - 3 x 25 L

  • Storage up to 260 L Storage by compartments risk classes Juxtaposed with the cabinets of page 637Standard or sliding shelves adjustable in height
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Data sheet Modular safety cabinet - 3 x 25 L


Equipment: Ventilation with centralized evacuation in the upper section (Ø 80 mm)Standardized pictograms (NF X 08-003)Retention shelves and a retention bin by compartment.The "acid" compartment has HDPE upper shelves and a PPH bin. Design:Steel structure thickness 10/10e.White epoxy paint.Swing door with key lock.These models can be juxtaposed with those on page 477.
Capacité (flacons 1 L) 3 x 35
Dimensions intérieures (L x P x H) (mm) 3 x (500 x 475 x 610) mm
Nombre d'étagères 3 x 1
Number of compartments 3
Option(s) Solid doors
Outer dimensions (L x D x H) (mm) 580 x 500 x 1950 mm
Weight 84 kg

Other Specifications

Armoires : 3 compartiments
Capacité : 75 L = 3 x 25 L
Compartiment acides : oui
Compartiment bases : oui
Compartiment solvants : oui
Nombre d'étagères : 3 x 1
Dimensions extérieures (H x L x P) : 1950 x 580 x 500 mm
Masse : 84 kg
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