Molecular cooking experimental kits - Spherification

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Data sheet Molecular cooking experimental kits - Spherification


These experimental kits allow addressing the topic of molecular cuisine into six themes. They each correspond to traditional cooking techniques revisited or totally modern: spherification, reverse spherification, thickeners, gelling agents, emulsions, foams.These kits are the result of a partnership between a professional of the food industry, Kalys, pedagogy of teaching and Jeulin.Therefore each kit comes with a complete educational guide based on specific triggering situations.For example: How to make a low-fat mayonnaise, cholesterol-free, in order for people to benefit from it with contraindications to this component inevitably present in a standard mayonnaise?These two approaches are addressed in the teaching guides downloadable from using the code present on the delivery note of your kit.These guides give the whole series of activities a unique educational consistency! It is possible to perform the experimental activities successively or independently.


Alginate de sodium
Lactate de calcium

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