Molecular cuisine experimental kits - Gelling agent

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Data sheet Molecular cuisine experimental kits - Gelling agent


These experimental kits allow addressing the topic of molecular cuisine into six themes. They each correspond to traditional cooking techniques revisited or totally modern: spherification, reverse spherification, thickeners, gelling agents, emulsions, foams.These kits are the result of a partnership between a professional of the food industry, Kalys, pedagogy of teaching and Jeulin.Therefore each kit comes with a complete educational guide based on specific triggering situations.For example: How to make a low-fat mayonnaise, cholesterol-free, in order for people to benefit from it with contraindications to this component inevitably present in a standard mayonnaise?These two approaches are addressed in the teaching guides downloadable from and using the code present on the delivery note of your kit.These guides give the whole series of activities a unique educational consistency! It is possible to perform the experimental activities successively or independently.


Méthyl cellulose
Gomme arabique
Lécithine de soja