Moments of forces

  • Complete model ready to use
  • Forces applicable in all directions
  • Forces exerted by the masses or the supplied dynamometers
  • Easy to read the axis / force distance
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Data sheet Moments of forces


Practical exercises that can be performed:
- centre of gravity,
- study of balance
- concept of torque.
- show the theorem of moments.


- 1 rectangular plate and one perforated mobile plate
- 4 pulleys on bearing Ø 50 mm (axis Ø 6 mm)
- 12 additional loads of 20 g each
- 4 plates holding additional loads
- 4 x 1 N dynamometers and 4 clips adapted to the square section
- 1 pack of strings and pins to be placed on the mobile plate
Compatible with data logging No
Notion in statics Moment