Movement model

  • A single model for studying 3 types of movement: accelerated, uniform and slowedCan be used on a table or a board
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Data sheet Movement model


Easy to put into serviceA mobile is fixed on a
thread drifted by a motor and a system of pulleys. 3 buttons enabling
to chose the type of movement applied to the thread: uniform, accelerated,
slow-down movement. The user can modify the movement during a course.He
can also modify the course's distance byextending or reducing the movement's
transmission thread.Quantitative
measurementsThe electronically-controlled displacement speed is
reduced to a few cm per s to enable manual recordings of the moving object's
position depending on time with a great precision, and to draw the corresponding
graphs.On a sheet of paper sticked on the table below the model, the
student can follow-up the moving object's movement and note its position every 3
s. The student working with him has a chronometer and gives him the start
signal.ConvenientUsable during student
tutorials on the table or on the board by the teacher with two magnetic bases
(optional).Patented system.
Type of device Others
Type of experiment Rotation, Translation
Type of product Mécanique

Other Specifications

Specifications: Speed:0 to
5 cm per s. Power supply:12 V DC (on 4 mm banana sockets
or jack plug).Casing dimensions:100 x 100 x 65
mm.Mass:0.5 kg.

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