Movement model

A single model for studying 3 types of movement: accelerated, uniform and slowedCan be used on a table or a board
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Data sheet Movement model


Easy to put into serviceA mobile is fixed on a
thread drifted by a motor and a system of pulleys. 3 buttons enabling
to chose the type of movement applied to the thread: uniform, accelerated,
slow-down movement. The user can modify the movement during a course.He
can also modify the course's distance byextending or reducing the movement's
transmission thread.Quantitative
measurementsThe electronically-controlled displacement speed is
reduced to a few cm per s to enable manual recordings of the moving object's
position depending on time with a great precision, and to draw the corresponding
graphs.On a sheet of paper sticked on the table below the model, the
student can follow-up the moving object's movement and note its position every 3
s. The student working with him has a chronometer and gives him the start
signal.ConvenientUsable during student
tutorials on the table or on the board by the teacher with two magnetic bases
(optional).Patented system.


Specifications: Speed:0 to
5 cm per s. Power supply:12 V DC (on 4 mm banana sockets
or jack plug).Casing dimensions:100 x 100 x 65
mm.Mass:0.5 kg.
Type of device Others
Type of experiment Translation, Rotation
Type of product Mécanique

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