Movements infrared detection slab

  • Innovation: motion detection by infrared technology
  • Obtaining instantaneous trajectory (up to 4 points simultaneously)
  • Included software
  • Reduced format: easy to use and store
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Data sheet Movements infrared detection slab


"With this new detection method, no need to process videos with recognition difficulties.
The object moves and the trajectory is shown in real time on the screen.
It is possible to print the shift graph at the scale 1 to make your students work on distance measurements.
You can also measure the distance between 2 successive points using the tool "measure" available in the supplied software.

The student will be able to characterize uniform rectilinear and uniformly varied movements thanks to the adjustable inclination of the slab.

Software supplied:
The software provided with the slab consists of 2 tabs designed specifically to meet the requirements of the new school program:
Tab 1 :
Observe immediately the trajectory during the acquisition, and then measure the distance between 2 selected points. The software stores in a dedicated tab the distances table and the corresponding deltaT.
Calculate the relations distances/deltaT very easily and conclude on the evolution or not of this relation.
While validating the relation between speed, distance and time, the student describes the trajectory and characterizes the movement.

Tab 2 :
Reinvest the skills and knowledge acquired in mathematics.
The graph notions, of affine or linear, gradient, can be used in the context of problem solving.
The tools included in this software will allow the student to characterize a movement by reinvesting the tools he addressed in mathematics.
Availability date : November 2016"


IR sensor
3 balls
Adjustable and inclinable surface
Software provided
Computerization of measurements Data logging
Type of device Table
Type of experiment Translation
Type of product Mécanique, Physique-Chimie

Other Specifications

Dimensions : 350 x 450 mm
Detection up to 4 points simultaneously
Compatible with XP/Vista/W7/W8 and W10.