Naja monocular microscope semi-plan 40-1000

An innovative ergonomics stand providing excellent working comfort highquality equipment
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Data sheet Naja monocular microscope semi-plan 40-1000


The observation comfort Designed by Jeulin, the Naja microscopes design perfectly meets the requirements of your teaching: - High stability of the stand, - Ergonomics through its curved shape and the head tilt of 30°, - Low position of the coarse and fine adjustment knobs, - Large plate with specimen holder that can accommodate 2 blades, - Reversed turret to facilitate access to the mechanical stage and manipulate freely - Pre-centered Abbe condenser, fitted with a usable iris diaphragm with a position ruler usable depending on the lens used, -Integrated grip and power cable tidy. The observation quality For the success of your observations, Jeulin have chosen a powerful optical and lighting equipment: - Large field eyepieces with a 20 mm field of view, - Infinity corrected semi-planachromatic and planachromatic objectives, - A super-LED lighting ensuring a low power consumption and a white light.Product advantages
Head Monocular
Magnification x40 to x1,000
Illumination LED
Model Naja
Head Monoculaire, orientable sur 360°, inclinée à 30°
Focusing Par crémaillère avec commandes macrométriques et micrométriques coaxiales
Power supply Transformateur intégré dans le socle, cordon 2 P+T
Objectives Semi-plans corrigés à l'infini
x4 / x10 / x40 (rétractable) / x100 (rétractable à immersion)
Condenser D'abbe O.N. 1,25 ajustable en hauteur par mouvement linéaire
Diaphragm À iris avec guide de position fonction de l'objectif utilisé
Stage Rectangulaire 150 x 133 mm avec surplatine à commandes coaxiales, course 75 x 50 mm avec vernier et guide-objet pour recevoir 2 lames
Eyepieces EW10x/20 grand champ
Type of product Observation

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