NanoHeat® hot plate

Heats at 300 °C at the surface in less than a minuteEnergy efficiencyCompact and easy to store3 years warrantyTemperature probe included
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Data sheet NanoHeat® hot plate


NanoHeat® is an innovative heat generation system integrated in ultra-fine multi-layer structure (in nanometers, 1 m = 10 9 nm). This system is located on the lower side of a glass ceramic plate. It consists of a heat transfer process, very fast and highly efficient applicable to most experiments that require heating and/or reheating.When current flows in the system, thermal energy is generated and transferred efficiently at a rapid heating speed to reach a much higher energy efficiency with low energy loss.The NanoHeat hot plate® is unique. This elegant and compact instrument was developed using a high-efficiency heating technology. The NanoHeat hot plate® has a very efficient preheating time of 60 seconds. It has 3 levels of heating and multiple reheating options for general use.The hot plate is activated from a LED touch screen, a countdown, a safety lock function and a high temperature control.The non-corrosive glass ceramic plate can be easily cleaned and allows using all types of utensils, including glass and ceramic. Compact and lightweight, the hot plate can be easily carried and stored.This model comes with an external temperature probe, which allows the following operating modes:- high accuracy temperature control at ± 1°C,- heat setting at an interval of 1°C,- temperature indication with an 0.5 °C accuracy.


Température désirée au coeur du liquide : réglable de 40 à 80 °C.
Température de surface : jusqu'à 360 °C en mode 3.
Diamètre surface de chauffe : 85 mm (bécher 600 mL).
Puissance : 1 200 W.
Alimentation : 220-240 V - 50/60 Hz (2P+T).
Interrupteur Marche/Arrêt avec voyant de mise sous tension.
Dimensions (L x l x h) : 230 x 200 x 30 mm.
Masse : 1,15 Kg.

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