Data sheet NanoHeat® water bath - Kit


NanoHeat® is an innovative heat generation system integrated in ultra-fine multi-layer structure (in nanometers, 1 m = 10 9 nm). This system is located on the lower side of a glass ceramic plate. It consists of a heat transfer process, very fast and highly efficient applicable to most experiments that require heating and/or reheating.When current flows in the system, thermal energy is generated and transferred efficiently at a rapid heating speed to reach a much higher energy efficiency with low energy loss.Water bath for exclusive use on the hot plate ref. 701 637 for temeperatures of 40°C to 80°C. Can incubate up to 20 test tubes Ø 20 mm. Compact, this NanoHeat water bath can easily be carried.


Capacité : 1,5 L.
Dimensions (L x l x h) : 176 x 163 x 120 mm.
Masse : 0,45 Kg.


Ce kit comprend :
- 1 cuve métallique,
- 1 support pour 20 tubes à essais Ø 20 mm,
- 1 support de sonde externe.

Plaque chauffante et sonde de température non incluses. À commander séparément.

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