O₂ Sensor + IR optical probe

No electrolyte
No membrane
12 mm diameter (compatible with our accessories)
Operates in air and in water
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Data sheet O₂ Sensor + IR optical probe


Jeulin's new oxygen probe is based on IR optical technology. It permits the measurement of the oxygen concentration in the air and in water in a simple and rapid way without constraints.

A reliable system for all your experiments
- No heating time
- Resistant and protected measuring system
- Operates in the air and in water

Time gained in the Laboratory
- No electrode
- No membrane
- No systematic calibration

With its 12 mm diameter, this probe is directly compatible with your accessories
- Bioreactor
- Chamber of human metabolism
- Fermenter
- Chamber of human respiration
Type d'interface lycée Foxy / AirNeXT
Type of product Ex.A.O.
contact us for a replacement probe head (ref. 453 150).