Olivine basalt

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Data sheet Olivine basalt


These boxes combine a thin blade to a piece of the rock of the same geological origin. This complementarity allows observing the rock and the mineral components at different levels: using the microscope with the observation of the thin plate under natural or polarized light, the binocular magnifier or with the naked eye. Observing the minerals and the rock structure is made particularly on a polished surface fitted on each sample. The student's work is facilitated through an explanatory note including: - two photos of the preparation (under analyzed polarized light and if necessary under unanalyzed polarized light), - comments on the origin and formation of the rock, an assistance in recognizing and identifying the minerals, interpreting the microscopic view. Supplied operating Instructions.


une lame mince, un morceau de roche avec une face polie, une fiche explicative,Livrés dans un double coffret en carton
Rocks type Polished