Optical fiber SPID spectrometer

Versatile: it adapts perfectly to the physics manipulations of new programs Powerful: thanks its spectral range of 350-900 nm and its 1.5 nm resolution Solid: French design and manufacturing, it has a metallic housing Complete: it comes with a software, a 1m optical fiber and a storage case
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Data sheet Optical fiber SPID spectrometer


Equipped with a high quality optical fiber, this pmountuct is perfect to illustrate all the physics experiments and particularly those related to the emission spectra. The software, intuitive and user-friendly, allows to view the spectra in real-time, in emission or absorption mode. A line spectrum type of display allows to make a simple connection with the observation of optical phenomena by diffraction (network (spectroscope or diffraction by a prism).


Gamme spectrale : 350 à 900 nm
Résolution : 1,5 nm
Transmission : 0 à 100 %
Résolution : 0,1 %
Longueur de la fibre optique : 1 m
Données : exportables vers Excel, jusqu'à 10 points par seconde.
Logiciel : compatible Windows
Interface : USB
Livré avec fibre optique, logiciel et câble USB
Type of product Optique
Ce spectrophotomètre peut être piloté par le logiciel Multispectro (réf. 000 534) disposant d'un environnement Atelier Scientifique.

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