Ouchterlony PW

  • Simple and demonstrative
  • Contains no products of avian origin
  • For 36 binomials
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Data sheet Ouchterlony PW


This kit contains all the equipment to allow students to experimentally carry out immunoprecipitation and visualization of the antigen-antibody complex formed.
This simple manipulation called the Ouchterlony test, leads to the demonstration of the specificity of the immune response.

An antigen and several antibodies are allowed to diffuse into an agar. At the point of contact between the antigen and its specific antibody a precipitation arc is formed.
No precipitation was observed with the other antibodies.

Two possibilities of depositing the products in the wells:
- Using polyethylene pipettes: allows to make 18 boxes (1 class).
- Using micropipette (deposits of 15 µL): 36 possible tests, or 2 whole classes with one petri dish per binomial.


- 45 petri dishes (36 for migrations)
- 9 sighting patterns for wells
- 9 cookie cutters with suction bulb
- Ready-to-use culture media, PBS buffer
- Antibody, positive control, negative control
- Rabbit, donkey and beef serum
- Coomassie Blue
Conseils de prudence P 2-26-36
Mentions de danger H 36/37/38
Theme Immunology

Other Specifications

Number of tests: 18/36
Storage: -18 °C
Conservation: 6 months

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