Ouchterlony simulation kit


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Data sheet Ouchterlony simulation kit


This kit highlights the specificity of an antibody by immunodiffusion test (or Ouchterlony test) under the version "substitutes". An antigen is left to disseminate (simulated) and more antibodies (simulated) in an agar. At the intersection between the antigen and its specific antibody, a precipitation arc is formed. No precipitation is observed with other antibodies. The simulation version allows the quick reading of a result. An arc identical to the forming of a complex antibody-antigen is formed between soda and zinc sulfate. Storage temperature: Ambient Conservation: 2 years Number of tests: 15


- 15 boîtes de pétri
- Agar-agar en poudre
- 1 tube de simulation du "sérum B" (NaOH)
-1 tube de simulation de la «BSA» (sulfate de zinc)
- 1 lot de 5 mires pour le repérage des puits
- 5 emporte-pièces avec poire
Theme Immunology
Type of product Kits SVT