Ovisio AS optical digital camera and filters set

  • Complete pack - ready to use
  • Software provided for data acquisition and treatment
  • Attenuator filters
  • Usable on optical bench
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Data sheet Ovisio AS optical digital camera and filters set


This camera permits to acquire and treat data with the easy-to-use provided software.

Compatible with any optical benches accepting Ø 10 mm accessories.
The pattern is visible by all students and the camera simultaneously.
The camera films the acquired result in real time in order to catch the intensity profile of the pattern.

Some clicks are enough to register measures and exploit them in the same software.
The ergonomic and complete software has all the needed tools for : acquisition, graphs, spreadsheet, treatement, modelization and reports.

2 ways of acquisition are available :
- level profile : permits to determine light intensity profile along a line ; ideal for diffraction and interferences PW.

- time profile : Permits to follow light intensity in an area along time ; ideal for interferometry PW.
All those data and images can be displayed, saved or retro-projected. The software can also be used without material (during exercises or before exams working and previously saved images (BMP format).

The provided ring and filters set makes the camera easier to use.
The density filter can be used in luminous classrooms.
The polarizer permits to improve patterns quality limiting light emission (for example while using laser).
The clever fastening device permits to change filters without disturbing the experiment.


- 1 camera : USB connexion, without UVC driver, resolution : 640 x 480 pixels, 300 000 pixels
- 2 screens : trans-diffusing and frosted
- 1 software : downloadable, for Windows XP/Vista/Seven/Win 8/Win 10
- 1 mount : adjustable by rack to par crémaillère pour upgrade phenomena observation. Mounted on Ø 10mm rod.
Provided in storage case.
- 1 filters set for camera ref. 202 891
Practical themes Diffraction & interferences
Type of accessories Detectors & cameras
Type of component Optical detector
Type of product Optics