Pack AirNeXT Physics 2

  • Using the sensors as measuring instrument Easy implementation through the wireless communication Mobile use or connected to the computer
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Data sheet Pack AirNeXT Physics 2


The easy implementation with thewireless With the wireless communication between the pods and the console, you are free to make acquisitions anywhere and whenever you like. As a professor, this pack allows to illustrate the phenomenon studied by previously preparing the experiment and by projecting the curves on the board. Using while connected to the computer AirNeXT ® integrates the Scientific Workshop software. No installation is required, just connect the console to a computer and the software launches automatically. You can use your console with all computers from the property. A simple and robust measuring instrument By connecting a sensor to the pod, you benefit directly from a measuring instrument. The measured variable can be read directly via the sensor display and the pod battery provides an enhanced life of more than 7 hours Achievable experiments - Joule effect - Spectral study of a sound - Ohm's law - pH monitoring


- 1 console AirNeXT® réf. 486000
- 2 pods AirNeXT® réf. 486001
- 1 logiciel Atelier Scientifique Lycée PC complet (généraliste + dédiés) réf. 000107
- 1 capteur Voltmètre réf. 482035
- 1 capteur Ampèremètre réf. 482034
- 1 capteur Sonomètre réf. 482049
- 1 capteur pH-mètre réf. 482203
- 1 capteur Thermomètre rapide réf. 482204
- 1 alimentation multiple AirNeXT® (qui permet le rechargement simultané de 5 pods ou consoles) réf. 281215
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