Pack AirNeXT® Life Sciences

Wireless communication with sensors using pods Mobile use or connected to a computer Software autostart upon connection to a computer
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Data sheet Pack AirNeXT® Life Sciences


Complete pack to perform the reference Computer Assisted Experimentation manipulations: - VO calculation 2 max - Studying the breathing and heart rate - Electromyogram - Myotatic reflex (requires a reflex hammer ref. 453,068) - Enzyme kinetics (requires a bioreactor ref. 453 064) -Photosynthesis (requires a bioreactor ref. 453064 or a photosynthesis clamp ref. 453131) -Yeasts breathing (requires a bioreactor ref. 453 064) -Studying the convection and heat conduction


- 1 console AirNeXT®
- 3 pods AirNeXT®
- 1 logiciel Atelier Scientifique SVT Lycée complet (généraliste + dédiés)
- 1 capteur Oxymètre
- 1 sonde Oxymétrique Clark
- 1 capteur Électrophy
- 1 capteur Ventilation
- 2 capteurs Thermomètre
- 1 alimentation multiple AirNeXT® (qui permet le rechargement simultané de 5 pods ou consoles)
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