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Connect the Foxy console ® to the computer and the integrated software launches automatically, without any installation. You can then make your first data capture.
pH monitoring
Connect the pH sensor to the console.
Two applications are available:
-Direct reading of the value on the sensor and the curve trace on paper
-Connect the console to the computer and perform a computerized PW. In this case, you benefit from the Scientific Workshop tools (method of tangents, the derivative trace) to determine the equivalent volume.

Studying sound waves
The sound level meter sensor has two functions:
-waveform trace
-sound level measurement in dB
The first function allows a spectral study of sounds (determination of the frequency, amplitude, performing a Fourier transform) in order, for example, to compare a pure sound with a complex sound or to study the sounds created by musical instruments... The second allows an awareness of the sound environment by performing acoustic level measurements for various sound sources.

Associated with Foxy interface multirange direct inputs®, the ammeter sensor allows to study Ohm's law by tracing the characteristic of multiple dipoles. With the software graphical and mathematical stools, the user determines the parameters of the plotted curves.

The fast camera works with the Foxy built in software®. It is recognized immediately and allows capturing up to 400 images/second. With it, you study the falling ball, the jet propulsion (for example the shock) and the oscillating systems. The large number of images, and therefore of points provides higher accuracy in calculations (speed, energy ...) and eliminates the drag phenomenon of a standard webcam.


- 1 Foxy® interface
- 1 science studio software (physics)
- 1 pH sensor
- 1 sonometer sensor
- 1 ammeter sensor
- 1 fast camera
Purpose For laboratory

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