Pack Solar energy received by the Earth model + sensor

  • Realistic modeling facilitating the student investigation Model 2 in 1: observation and measurement Economical, instant implementation
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Data sheet Pack Solar energy received by the Earth model + sensor


The ultra-thin sensor provides a numerical value according to the light intensity by positioning it on the globe. Realistic and practical modeling that takes into account the inclination of the Earth's axis. Ultrafast implementation thanks to its rewritable measuring tape and provided with a graph marking (it is not necessary to prepare pre-cut tapes). Students will learn the wealth of activities: the illumination simulation according to the latitude, the seasons, the time of day. Achievable PWs: - Demonstration of the unequal distribution of solar energy according to the latitude - Thermal effect of solar energy - Measurement of the actual solar power at ground level


1 globe
1 support
1 bande
1 capteur

Other Specifications

Globe terrestre 16 cm.
Diaphragme spécifique à 4 ouvertures.
Bande de mesure réinscriptible compatible feutre effaçable à sec.
Capteur d'intensité lumineuse à brancher sur 1 multimètre.