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Data sheet Paper chromatography kit


This chromatography kit makes it possible to carry out your chromatographies on paper, in particular the separation of the photosynthetic pigments.
Chromatography on the analytical filter paper strips is less expensive and more reproducible than in TLC.

- Tank: stable base and suitable height for the separation of chlorophylls, xanthophylls and carotenoids. Without spout or graduation to optimize saturation and readability.

- Stopper: its design allows both the adhesion of the chromatography paper web, the vapor saturation of the tank, the protection against liquid dispersion and against the breakage of the tank in case of tipping.

Examples of use: study of photosynthetic pigments with extracts of leaves of ivy, spinach, chlets, coleus, seaweed extracts, euglenes and cyanobacteria.


- 6 sets of tanks + stoppers.
- 1 set of 36 strips of analytical filter paper No. 1 (24 x 285 mm).
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