Pen camera on tripod

Pen handy form External knobs module: - LED adjustable lighting - photo taking
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Data sheet Pen camera on tripod


This pen-shaped camera is very easy to use. Connected to your computer via USB cable, it makes your PWs attractive and it becomes easy to show to the class a close-up animal, the elements constituting a flower, a specified area during a dissection. A knobs module along the cable allows fast: - adjustment of the LED light intensity (wheel), - capture of your images (button photo taking). Compatible with the Picturio software. //sound that is directed through two or more speakers so that it seems to surround the listener and to come from more than one source; stereophonic sound.
Illumination Adjustable LED
Frame per second (images / seconde) 30 images / seconde
Content Caméra Stylo avec câble (2 m) et prise USB 2 intégrés.
Trépied. Embouts divers.
Power supply Par prise USB (2 m)
Exposure Manual / Automatic
White balance No
Capture bmp, png, avi, jpg, tif
Stand Tripod
Focusing Manual
Zoom De 10 mm à l'infini
Definition 300 kpixels
Output connection USB2.0
Sensor CMOS
Max. resolution 640 x 480
Système d'exploitation Windows Vista, Windows XP, MAC, Windows 7 (32 et 64 bits)

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