Pendulum kit

  • The different elements are simple to attach
  • Length, mass and damping are variable
  • Low friction.
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Data sheet Pendulum kit


Possible experiments:
- Study on the period specific to a simple pendulum and damping for a compound pendulum.
- Concepts of amplitude, period, pseudoperiod, aperiodic and critical rates.


➀ Simple pendulum support: fixing fork for stepped pulley,
string of 1 metre, height-adjustable clip for fixing masses.
➁ Support for compound pendulum: fixing fork on stepped pulley, rigid graduated rod L = 600 mm.
➂ 2 masses of 100 and 150 g, with attachment system for clip and graduated rod.
➃ Damping disc with system for attaching to weight.
➄ Vane for studying aperiodic and critical rates, attaches to the end of the graduated rod.
➅ 1 stepped pulley with high-quality ball bearing.
Computerization of measurements Video, Data logging
Forced oscillations No
Thématique Lycée Oscillations mécaniques
Type of pendulum Weighted

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