Pendulum with variable parameters

  • The string can be selectively fixed
  • String length adjustable
  • Angles can be easily read
  • Delivered with 3 masses of the same of volume
  • All of the parameters can be varied
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Data sheet Pendulum with variable parameters


This device respects the conditions of the simple
pendulum model : thread fixation at one point, inextensible thread of negligible
mass, control of oscillation angle which must remain weak.The device enables
:- to vary the thread's length very easily from 0 to 2 m thanks to a notched
spooler,- to control the p e n d u l u m ' s oscillations angle (from 0 to
40 °),- to have several masses of known value and same volume (PVC 8 g,
aluminium 14 g, brass 40 g).A mass holder fixed on the thread enables you to
rapidly substitute the suspended mass without having to adjust the thread's
length.The pendulum has to be mounted on a standard laboratory stand (not
supplied) equipped with a rod (Ø 6 to 16 mm) or a square rod (section 15 x 15
cm). Supplied with 2 m thread, ready to use.Patented system.
Computerization of measurements Video
Forced oscillations No
Type of pendulum Simple

Other Specifications


150 x 150 x 80 mm.
Mass: 300 g.