Photosymbiosis kits 2 algae

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Data sheet Photosymbiosis kits 2 algae


These complete kits allow observing, studying the photosynthesis and experimentally follow the setting up of a photosymbiose by bringing into contacting the "juvenile" marine worm (without symbiote) with the micro-algae. In order to demonstrate the symbiotic relationship specificity and the microalgae diversity in the ocean, several algae are available for experimentation. These kits include adult, juvenile worms, micro algae, cocoons containing under development embryos and the necessary equipment.2 photosymbiosis kits:-Photosymbiosis 2 algae for 12 positions -Photosymbiosis 3 algae for 12 positions


• Vers marins 100 à 150 ml
• Vers marins juvéniles non symbiotiques 15 ml
• Sel de mer (spécifique) pour reconstituer un litre d'eau salée
• Algue 1 : T. convolutae (25 ml)
• Algue 2 : Isochrysis (25 ml)
• Anesthésiant 2 x 5 ml
• Boites de pétri 90 mm
• 10 pipettes stériles à usage unique 1 ml
• 2 Plaques des cultures
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