Plate tectonics model

This comprehensive model is a must whenever you refer to the EARTH MACHINE ...
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Data sheet Plate tectonics model


Modeling the mechanisms, movements and all the consequences of the plate tectonics: rifting, back, accretion, age and symmetry of the ocean floor, magnetic reversals, birth and disappearance of an ocean, continental drift, geological and paleontological evidence of drift, transform faults, stable continental margins and active margins, ocean-continent and ocean-ocean subduction, continental collision, obduction, operating a hot spot ... This comprehensive model is useful to you whenever you refer to the EARTH MACHINE ... Voluntarily, the light and brightly colored model (type of rocks or geological time) only covers letters, representing tectonic elements (continents and ocean floors), and figures representing the areas affected by the phenomena. Thus students are placed in an active position: before the model operating by balanced tension of the side ends of the moving part, it is on them to discover and name the elements present, describe the phenomena in action and associate them with currently known situations on our globe, to date the beginning of rifting ... The manual, comprehensive, accurately describes each of the elements, explains each of the phenomena by always pointing their current matches.
Dimensions (L x l x h) : 730 x 270 x 80 mm
Auteur : F. Michel