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Data sheet Polycrystalline solar panel


This panel has an aluminum housing for an increased strength. The student places the solar panel under a light source. Using a decades resistance case, he traces during the Computer Assisted Experiment the current-voltage characteristic of the panel. He can also, through the scientific workshop software tools, calculate the maximum power produced under the same illumination and compare the effectiveness of different panels.
Dimensions 205 x 352 x 22 mm
Type of device Solar pannel

Other Specifications

Dimensions : 205 x 352 x 22 mm.
Structure : 36 cellules polycristallines
Sous 1000 W/m² : 290 mA ; 21,5 V
Puissance nominale : 5 W
Poids : 1,2 kg
Connectique : sur plot étanche par 2 fils de 2,45 m en 1 mm², nus

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