Power supply for spectral lamps

  • Compatible with Osram or E27 OVIO bulbs
  • Fitted with two outputs
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Data sheet Power supply for spectral lamps


This power supply for spectral lamps can receive bulbs of different gas types. It can power the OSRAM and OVIO bulbs (as well as some old PHILIPS bulbs).

Fitted with 2 outputs, the same power supply can receive 2 bulbs of different gas types that will be alternatively switched on. This reduces changing the bulbs which are always operations

Accepts Ø 10 mm rod. Height adjustment by screw.

Other Specifications

- Power supply: 230V-50Hz (power cord provided)
- 3-position switches in the front panel:
. left, turned off, right
. powered up.
- Protection: by slow fuse 2.5A
- Connector: output 2 sockets 7 pins
- Casings supported: 9 pins NOVAL / OSRAM / E27 / OVIO
- Ergonomy : two robust lateral handles
- Supply weight: 5 kg
- Dimensions: (LxlxH) 250x130x180mm

Casings sold separately.