Pressure drop model


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Data sheet Pressure drop model


Ideal to view and compare the influence of different obstacles encountered by the water flow in a pipeline in a home. This model is used to study three different cases by ensuring a perfect sealing throughout the experimental work. The presence of a flexible tube positioned in the middle of the glass tubes row gives a flexibility to the device.
This design ensures a comparative work on a single length of tube. A Mohr clamp, provided, may be used to show the influence of the section reduction on losses.


- 1 system for maintaining constant pressure
- 4 water level markers
- 2 regulation valves
- 1 water recovery tray
- 1 Mohr clamp
Theme: human histology Head losses
Type of product Mécanique, Physique-Chimie

Other Specifications

Dimensions: 500 x 600 mm.
Stand and panel: metal.
Container: 2 L.
Measuring pipe: glass.
Connection and support: polyethylene.