Pressure measuring tube in liquids

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  • Permet de mesurer de façon simple et sécurisée la pression dans un liquide en fonction de la profondeur
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Data sheet Pressure measuring tube in liquids


This material aims at simplifying the implementation of a PW on the study of the pressure of a liquid depending on depth. This device is composed of: - a tube of more than 35 cm fixed on a graduated aluminum ruler. It is connected to a second flexible tube easily connectable to a pressure sensor on Primo® or Visio®. - An EASIX clamp® that allows to immobilize the device on a test tube or a bottle. The EASIX clamp® allows maintaining the graduated tube in any position and keeping the flexible tube which provides greater security in the completion of the data acquisition both in terms of the measurement reading facility, and of limiting risks associated with water use by the student. The centimeter graduation allows a quick and easy reading of the depth of immersion.
Thématique Lycée professionnel Mechanics & transport

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