Pressure / volume pack

  • No dismantling to adjust the volume of air and check that PV = constant
  • Graduations protected by a film
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Data sheet Pressure / volume pack


This set can compress or unwind the air in the syringe while measuring its pressure.
The 3-way valve has 2 functions:
- adjusting the air volume to be compressed (communication establishment of the outside air with the syringe),
- holding the pressure measured by the manometer by ceasing to exert pressure on the piston (closing the communication between the syringe and the manometer).
The manometer is graduated up to 5 bars to highlight the relation between pressure and volume.


- 1 graduated syringe 60 mL
- 1 x 3-channel valve for air circulation and pressure maintenance
- 1 tube
- 1 manometer graduated up to 5 bars
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