About us

Jeulin produces educational solutions for scientific and technical education. For over 80 years, the aim of Jeulin has stayed the same: to offer the best products for education. It was for this reason that Robert Jeulin had the idea of selling chemicals from his hardware shop to schools back in 1925. He very soon started using a mail order system, which was innovative at the time even though his catalogue only consisted of a modest 4 pages listing a few essential chemicals used in Physics and Chemistry lessons. It turned out to be just the beginning of the road as far as mail order was concerned. See the key dates

Our mission

Jeulin designs, manufactures and sells educational tools for the study of the experimental sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and Technology in primary, secondary and higher education.

We also offer complementary ranges of equipment including stationary, workshop safety accessories, and science laboratory furnishings (lab benches, safety and storage cabinets, etc.)

Jeulin has always made a special effort for the benefit of its customers by investing in key competencies.

Our ambitions

We use innovative educational solutions to help students understand the environment they live in.

Starting with an initial idea, then drawing up the technical and economic design and finally developing and selling the product, Jeulin follows a strict policy of manufacturing exclusive high quality products backed up by a range of carefully selected finished goods.

Since it was formed in 1925, Jeulin has been the leading French manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of equipment for teaching science subjects and, in the early 80’s, Jeulin was a pioneer in data logging.

Our international team, based at our head office in Normandy, includes the area managers for Europe, North Africa, Africa, the Middle East and South-East Asia. The team works closely with our foreign partners worldwide.
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