Redy wireless sound sensor (waveform)

  • The most flexible Bluetooth sensor available
  • 4 possible uses: direct reading on screen, in stand-alone recording mode, connected to a tablet or a computer
  • Up to 4 sensors simultaneously connected
  • Free software on all supports
  • Stand-alone: Lithium-ion battery
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Data sheet Redy wireless sound sensor (waveform)


This Redy wireless sensor permits to obtain the sound waveform.

Redy sensors are the most flexible Bluetooth sensors available, meeting all needs and all teaching practices and able to connect to all supports.

Full use:
- In stand-alone
You can directly read the measurement on the screen thanks to the backlit large graphic display. This feature is very convenient in the field or in a classroom that doesn't include IT tool. The screen directly displays the measurement, the battery charge state as well as the connection status.

- In stand-alone measurements recording
The sensor, through its built-in memory, allows recording your measurements. Therefore, they can be transferred to a computer or a tablet for processing.

- Connected to a PC
Benefit from a simple and comprehensive educational software. Up to 4 sensors can be simultaneously connected to a PC, without interface. The intuitive and comprehensive software allows carrying out PWs easily, exploit the educational content, modify the display, process the data, carry out calculations using an integrated scientific spreadsheet and doing a report with complete tools. This all-in-one software is free.

- Connected to a tablet or a smartphone
Benefit from a simple and intuitive application. The free application is available on Google Play and the App Store. 4 sensors can be simultaneously connected.


Delivered with a 1 m long black cord USB A - USB C
Number of measurement range 1
Response curve %

Other Specifications

Measurement range: 20 Hz to 1 kHz

Backlit graphic screen.
Lithium-ion rechargeable battery.
USB-C connection.
New generation Bluetooth connection.

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