Renewable energy discovery kit

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Data sheet Renewable energy discovery kit


This modular set of experiments is designed to illustrate the clean energy technologies on a reduced scale.The modules can be studied separately (solar panel, wind, electrolysis, fuel cells ...) or assembled to reconstruct a complete energy chain.This kit shows how renwable energy can be used, stored and reused in different applications.Hydrogen is the only link between the natural energy sources and the sources of consumption.


- 1 électrolyseur
- 1 pile à combustible
- 1 panneau solaire
- 1 éolienne
- 1 support de 2 DEL clignotantes
- 1 moteur avec hélice ou roue
- 1 réservoir à oxygène et hydrogène
- 1 alimentation (nécessite 2 piles 1,5 V type LR6, non fournies)
- Cordons de connexion fiches bananes 2 mm
- Tubulure et accessoires de montage
Certains éléments sont à monter.
Practical themes Electrochemistry & ions, Sustainable development
Type of device Fuel cell

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