Sérénit Microbio manipulation board®

  • Practicing microbiology without gas Ideal for work in sterile environment Recommended for sections BTS, DUT or DEUG PWs Validated by the laboratory of Cold Microbiology of the University of Rouen
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Data sheet Sérénit Microbio manipulation board®


This accessory fits on the Sérénit electrical burner®.It allows you to work in a sterile environment. You can thus advantageously replace the Bunsen burners and address microbiology without gas . suitable for seeding boxes and tubes. The platinum handle (OSA) is sterilized in contact with the resistor (even if the glow is not reached as the flame). Laboratory tests (E. coli, LB medium) show that the handle is sterilized in less than 20 seconds. The sterile zone created by the hot air flow of the electric burner covers the surface of the stainless steel plate (about 7 cm). The seeding operations performed in these conditions are effective and free from contamination. Also recommended for the PWS of sections BTS, DUT or DEUG. Validated by the Cold Microbiology Laboratory of the University of Rouen.
Burner model Sérénit®

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En inox, facile à nettoyer et autoclavable.
Dimensions hors tout : 420 x 260 mm.