Signal and information set

  • Practical works for students
  • fun and practical activities with sound
  • Usable with tablet, smartphone, MP3 player
  • For a quantitative approach, us a low frequency function generator
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Data sheet Signal and information set


Thanks to the model, the student understands that a sound is a signal containing information. It also understands that a light wave can carry a signal.
Using a tablet for example as a sound source, the experience becomes concrete. A student injects a sound of its own selection while another student checks the sound reception with headphones. Thus, they do not disturb the rest of the classroom.

Other experiments are possible: use a low frequency function generator or an oscilloscope for more quantitative results.
Practical themes Optical fiber & transmission of information
Propagation medium Optical fiber, Air
Transmission source Infrared
Type of product Physique-Chimie, Optique