Simulation susceptibility testing kit

  • Simulation pure without microorganism Particularly visual results
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Data sheet Simulation susceptibility testing kit


For 10 PWs, this kit represents a real alternative to antibiotic susceptibility, perfect for college This demonstrative PW allows to concretely address 2 fundamental notions of infectious antibiotic treatments: - Action Spectra of 3 antibiotics on 2 different strains - Appearance of a strain resistant to an antibiotic A safe realization: bacteria are simulated by agars impregnated with PH indicator, and ready to use solutions at different pH simulate the antibiotics. As in a real susceptibility, a halo of discoloration indicates the antibiotic activity.


- 30 boîtes diam. 55 mm
- 3 tubes d'antibiotiques simulés
- Agar
- Solutions 2 microorganismes fictifs

3 boîtes par binome, pour aborder les 2 scénarios par comparaison.
- Apparition d'une résistance (2 boites de couleur identique)
- Spectre d'action (boîte de couleur différente)
Theme Microbiology
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