Single polarizing deck - Jeulin

  • Simple and et practicalCompact system: integrated analyzer and polarizer
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Data sheet Single polarizing deck - Jeulin


This polarizing deck is a single devicefor illuminated microscopes and binocular magnifiers including: - a retractable analyzer, - a graduated disk at 180° for receiving the thin blade and varying the minerals extinction angle, - a polarizerAll in 1, it is practical with its non removable analyzer: no loss nor breaks of the analyzer! Principle: Place the polarizing deck on your microscope deck. Turn the analyzer until the extinction of the light (crossed polaroids). Retract the analyzer and insert a thin blade at the center of the graduated disc. Replace the analyzer. By turning the graduated disk, the student will be able to identify each mineral's extinction angle observed and thus identified. *Not compatible with Naja microscopes.

Other Specifications

Disque gradué sur 180° de 5° en 5°.
Analyseur intégré escamotable.
Dimension platine : 98 x 40 mm.
Diamètre disque gradué : 70 mm.