SOFI 1 physics optical fiber spectrometer - Jeulin

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Data sheet SOFI 1 physics optical fiber spectrometer - Jeulin


The spectrometer efficient and with a very high level of sensitivity allows to view the spectrum of any source in real time. A 2 m optical fiber is provided. Its connection system is reliable, fast and robust. A fiber-holder accessory, provided with a Ø 10 mm mount, makes this device easy to use on an optical bench. A user-friendly and easy to use software allows to view the spectra in real time as a curve or lines spectrum. For chemistry, two distinct parts are dedicated to Beer-Lambert's law and to kinetics To go further: A tank holder, practical and clever,connects without tools to the spectrometer to perform the chemical manipulations. Its LED optical source, with a long service life, requires no ventilation. It supports slides and tokens in order to simply study the color filters. Available as accessory or included in the physics and chemistry spectrophotometer model (see related pmountucts)

Other Specifications

- Spectromètre :
 Gamme spectrale : 370 – 840 nm, résolution < 1,7 nm
 Temps d'intégration : réglable de 1 ms à 5 s
 Type montage : Czerny Turner
 Sensibilité : 0 à 3.000 Abs
 Précision : < à 1% à 1.0 Abs
 Fente d'entrée : 50 µm x 1000 µm
 Réseau : 600 traits/mm blasé à 500 nm
 Barrette CCD : linéaire 2048 pixels
 Interface : USB 2.0
 Connecteur fibre : SMA
- Logiciel :
 Configuration : compatible Windows XP/Vista/Seven 32 & 64 bits
 Mises à jour : gratuites téléchargeables
- Fibre optique : longueur : 2 m ; connecteur : SMA
- Support de fibre : connecteur SMA ; monté sur tige Ø 10 mm
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