Solenoid - 400 mm


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Data sheet Solenoid - 400 mm


This device allows the measurement of a magnetic field in a
- B versus the lenght L for the solenoid.
- B versus the intensity of the current: impact of the number of turns per length unit.
- Measurement of B along the axis of the solenoid
- f.e.m. of induction
Theme: human histology Magnetic field
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Other Specifications

Solenoid: Ø 50 mm solenoid, length 400 mm with 2 insuled windings, built in parallel on the same holder (one is made of enamelled wire, the other is made of tinned wire).
Turns number:200 for eachwinding.(10/10 wire)
Intermediate outputs on safety sockets:12, symetrically distributed from the centre.
I max.:7A.
Centre guide for Jeulin teslameter probe.