Sound-level meter, with cords

  • Large model 1.15 m long
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Bridges easily locatable
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Data sheet Sound-level meter, with cords


Sound-level meter made up of a resonance box on which
two metallic cords with different diameters and a nylon cord are fixed.The
string can be tightened by means of clamping screws.The device has a 1 m graduated scale, silkscreen printed on the
top to mark the stands' position. An opening (5 x 5 cm) enables
you to position a microphone inside the resonance box to
study the sound emitted during the vibration.


- 1 sound meter: resonant box made of wood, printed
graduated scale 1 m long, opening (5 x 5 cm) to place a microphone inside,
- 3 bridges,
- 1 set of strings: 2 metal strings and 1 nylon string with hook,
- 1 pulley on support.
Theme: human histology Wave length

Other Specifications


length: 1 m.
Dimensions: 115 x 12 x 15


1 sound-level meter,
3 stands,

2 metallic wires,
1 nylon thread with hook,
pulley on holder.