SP2000-EA software for spectrophotometer EASYSPEC SAFAS

Optimize the use of your Easyspec spectrophotometer Powerful and convenient software Free updates*
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Data sheet SP2000-EA software for spectrophotometer EASYSPEC SAFAS


The SP2000 software allows to fully exploit the capabilities of your EASYSPEC spectrophotometer. The equipment is connected directly to your computer via USB connection (RS232 optional). The software allows thus to control the EASYSPEC and to use the results of your measurements: performing absorption spectra (with cursor, multiple zoom, multi-window, unlimited mathematical overlays and combinations, derivatives up to 6th order, automatic research and counting of peaks and valleys, etc ...), Kinetics monitoring (with automatic recounts according to many methods, with linear or non-linear regression, polynomial, sigmoid, hyperbole, exponential and bi-exponential, etc ...),creating unlimited calibration ranges performing and operating emission spectrum (with "emission spectrum" option installed on the device ). The spectrophotometer automatically switches to remotely piloted mode once the software asks for measurements, and automatically returns to local mode when it is no longer sought Multilingual software including French and English. Being a simplified version of the SAFAs professional software, it includes a rich functionality Possibility to export and copy/paste to spreadsheets Compatibility: Windows NT / 2000Pro / Me / XP / Seven * The updates of this software are free during the life of the instrument (except participation in the cost of copying and forwarding the CD-ROM).