Special pH paper for colored or turbid media

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Data sheet Special pH paper for colored or turbid media


The pH indicators and the colored scales are combined on the same band, allowing to determine the pH value in colored solutions or suspensions, the color variation due to the environment affecting both the indicator and comparison scale. On each band are the color comparison that does not react to the media, and bearing the corresponding pH value. The sensitive area is in the middle of the scale.UsageImmerse 3 seconds all the colored part; remove it, and read the pH value, which color appears closest to the color of the sensitive area.OverviewThese strips are supplied in boxes of 200 with a manual.
Packaging 200 bandelettes
Product starting with the letter P
Plage de mes. : 1,0 - 12,0
Précision : 1 pH

Sur une même bandelette, l'échelle colorée et la zone réactive sont plongées simultanément dans le milieu coloré et affectées identiquement par le colorant : la comparaison de teinte n'est donc pas faussée.

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