• • Quick configuration
  • • Simple and complex signals on 2 independent outputs
  • • Results usable with loudspeaker or headset, oscilloscope or datalogging interfaces
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Data sheet SpectraSound


The Spectrasons was designed to allow an educational approach to spectrum analysis.
❶ The simple output allows acquisition of a pure sine wave generated by the Spectrasons by choosing the frequency from f to 7f using the 2 frequency selector buttons. A lit diode indicates the frequency of the wave that is selected and presented on the simple output. It is possible to connect a loudspeaker to this output to listen to the produced sound.
❷ The complex output is equal to the real-time sum of all the simple signals (from f to 7f). The student selects a frequency and adjusts the amplitude using the + and - buttons. Spectrum analysis without mathematical tools. It is also possible to connect a loudspeaker to this output to analyse the impact of the amplitude of harmonics on the tone of a sound. Thus, in real-time, the student listens and modifies the amplitude of each harmonic to highlight the change in the tone of a sound, which is imposed by the fundamental at f = 220 Hz.
❸ The synchronised output allows the acquisition of simple signals in an equivalent time base so that, if applicable, they can be added, to produce a signal identical to that of the complex output.
Theme: human histology Height - timbre

Other Specifications

complex signal ±5 V
simple signal ±5 V
Amplitude: adjustable for all frequencies
Entry: synchronized (for datalogging)
Display: LCD 3.5 digits
Power supply: 12V - 0.5A, included

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