Spectrophotometer EASYSPEC- SAFAS with Software for PC and Optical fiber for external energy source measurement - Jeulin

  • Excellent measurement quality: 0.0001A stability, measurements up to 3.5A, very low stray light at any wavelength Long lasting lamp, guarantee 10 years* High reliability spectrophotometer, guaranteed for 5 years ** Robust and easy to use, metal frame Universal standard tank carrier (tanks: 5-50 mm and tubes) SCALABLE: optical fiber can be added later
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Data sheet Spectrophotometer EASYSPEC- SAFAS with Software for PC and Optical fiber for external energy source measurement - Jeulin


This set contains: The SAFAS EASYSPEC spectrophotometer The SP2000 software The “emission spectrum” option The Easyspec spectrophotometer provides a measuring quality and exceptional robustness in the hands of your students Equipped with an EBERT monochromator, a metal frame, an optical structure sealed in aluminum and a lamp guaranteed for 10 year*, it represents a reliable and sustainable investment for your laboratory.Its large backlit LCD display , its colored alphanumeric keypad and its multilingual embedded software, make it an ergonomic and easy to use tool. You can, for example, directly enter the name of your samples before the measurements. Measurements are permanently acquired, thus they are available continuously and automatically updated.Two display modes can be selected with a simple front key: - the mode "dashboard": allows to simultaneously view all the parameters (Identification, Wavelength, Abs, T%, Conc, equation of the calibration range, bargraph of available energy), - the mode "zoom": displays the measurement in giant characters (in Abs, T% or Concentration) and the wavelength. For more freedom of use, it comes as a standard with a universal rack for tanks from 5 to 50mm or tubes of 13 and 25mm in diameter.It is equipped with different outputs (USB, parallel for printer and analogue 0-1 V) to exploit the data.To go further: With the "emission spectrum" option (Ref: 701484), add a new physical dimension to your spectrophotometer.And visit also the special prices package: Easyspec PC pack: Easyspec spectrophotometer + SP2000 Software + Emission spectrum option (Ref: 701485)* The original spectrophotometer lamp is guaranteed for 10 years; this guarantee includes the exchange of the defective bulb factory at the factory and excludes shipping, travel and labor costs (replacement with the user's care).** The spectrophotometer is guaranteed for 5 years, parts and labor at a service center, returning to the factory, excluding shipping costs, the warranty covers only manufacturing defects and excludes any abnormal use of the instrument. "


Spectrophotomètre EASYSPEC, porte-cuves universel pour cuves de 5 à 50 mm et tubes de 13 à 25 mm de diamètre, port USB, port analogique 0-1 V, port imprimante parallèle, housse, 1 cuve en verre optique, 6 tubes borosilicate et 5 cuves jetables, logiciel pour PC et fibre optique.
Bandwidth 5 nm
Kinetic monitoring Yes
Mass 10 kg
Measurement display Yes
Optical fiber Yes
Output USB
Resolution 1 nm
Source Lampe Tungstène
Spectral range 320 - 1100 nm
Supplied with software Yes
Type of spectrophotometer Visible
spectrum display No

Other Specifications

Affichage : Alphanumérique 4 lignes
Gamme spectrale : 320 à 1100 nm
Précision : ± 1 nm - Répétabilité : ± 0,1 nm
Bande passante : 5 nm
Acquisition du spectre : Automatique
Modes de mesure : Absorbance, Transmission, Concentration, Avec le logiciel embarqué : cinétique, gamme de calibration (10), sauvegarde de méthodes (30).
Gamme photométrique : Absorbance : -0,2 à 3,5 A / Transmission : 0 à 200 %
Précision photométrique : ± 0,005à 1 A nm (livré avec certificat de calibration)
Source lumineuse : Tungstène à très longue durée de vie (garantie 10 ans *)
Monochromateur : Type Ebert (scellé)
Détecteur : Photodiode (échantillon éclairé en lumière monochromatique, évitant chauffe, dérive et évaporation comme dans un double-faisceau.
Étalon : Filtre étalon à l'oxyde d'Holmium intégré, avec utilitaires de validation automatique.
Porte cuve universel pour :
- Cuves de 5 à 50 mm de trajet optique
- Tube de 13 à 25 mm de diamère
Sorties :
- USB en standard
- Port parallèle pour imprimante est offert
- Analogique 0 à 1 Volt (en option est offert)
- Port série RS232 (disponible sur demande)
Logiciel : en option
Alimentation : 115/230 V - 50/60 Hz
Dimensions : 400 x 300 x 145 mm
Masse : 10 Kg environ (selon options)