Spectrophotometer software (CD Rom establishment version)

  • Permet de réaliser des acquisitions expérimentales de façon simple et rapide
  • Pilote les spectrophotomètres Prim'Light, Prim'Advanced SECOMAM et Spectrawave S 1000 WPA
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Data sheet Spectrophotometer software (CD Rom establishment version)


The Spectrophotometer software controls the Prim'Light, Prim'Advanced SECOMAM and Spectrawave S 1000 spectrophotometers WPA directly connected to the serial port of your computer It allows performing: - absorbance and transmission spectra. -absorbence measurements at fixed wavelength (possibility of simultaneous acquisition at 2 wavelengths for the WPA spectrophotometer) -Beer-Lambert law A = f(C), - studying color indicators A = f(pH), -a kinetic study = f(t). The user is guided by the type of acquisition he wishes to achieve for working standalone ly. It has powerful tools to go further in data processing: spreadsheets, modeling, calculations, parametric curves, PW report... PROCESSING: SPREADSHEET Scientific Spreadsheet Creating variables, applying formulas from these variables . Formulas no longer use cells such as A1 or B2 but values of the corresponding variables. They are denoted t[1] or u[2]. Advantage: the formulas keep a scientific sense because the name of the variables is readable. Classic spreadsheet: C1 = A1 x B1 Scientific spreadsheet: P[1] = U[1] x I[1] Classic spreadsheet - Application of formulas by involving the cells coordinates A1, B$2, C$3... - Numerous mathematical functions available: Sinus, sum, average, conditional statements... -Representation in circular histograms and diagrams... Interactivity with the graphic The table and graph are coupled so that each table change would be postponed in the graphic. It is also possible to see both simultaneously. DATA PROCESSING Suitable for measurements performed with the WPA, Prim'Light and Prim'Advanced SECOMAM spectrophotometers THE MOST Curve annotation - Give a title to the curve - Write comments - Annotate an important point Report - Writing the PW report with texts, diagrams and graphs.. Multimedia Help -Presentation of all the software features -Ability to insert one's own HTML pages
Type of accessories Logiciel

Other Specifications

Cédérom Version établissement

Type d'acquisition Ex.A.O. :
Dédié au pilotage des spectrophotomètres Prim'Light et Prim'Advanced SECOMAM et Spectrawave S 1000 WPA

Configuration ordinateur :
Windows 98, ME, 2000Pro ou XP, Win 7 et Win 8
Internet explorer 4.01 ou supérieur, Pentium 166, mémoire vive 64 Mo,
Carte vidéo 800 x 600 minimum.
Logiciel 32 bits, livré sur cédérom.
Logiciel déployable lors d'une installation en réseau.

Le logiciel Spectrophotomètre existe aussi en Italien :
Spectrophotomètre Italien (Réf : 676 531)

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