Spectrophotomètre Spectrovio II Physique-Chimie

Plateforme Numérique Jeulin
  • Modular and versatile
  • Accurate : resolution less than 1 nm, twin mercury wavelenght resolution
  • Efficient : spectral range from 350 to 900 nm
  • Easy to use : An intuitive software "Plug and Measure"
  • Sturdy : metal housing box
  • Ready to use complete packi
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Data sheet Spectrophotomètre Spectrovio II Physique-Chimie


The spectrOvio2 is a spectrophotometer specially designed for science teaching.

Ready to use, it permits to realize Physics and Chemistry experiments for all levels :

- Spectral emission of light sources
- Filters study
- Spectral absoorption in chemistry
- Beer-Lambert law (Determination of the concentration of an unknown solution)
- Kinetic

Easy to use with its friendly software, the userhas a unique and didactised environment to visualize, measure, compare, exploit data and realize reporting.
With the "plug and measure" function, the user has to plug the device to a computer and that's all ! Le software launches automatically without installation.

By presenting the optical fiber behind a light source, the user obtains its spectral emission in real time.
The software, separated in tabs by type of experiment, guides the user in its PW.

Results can be displayed in different ways :
- curves
- line spectrum
- array of data

Many graphic functions and data processing functions are available (zoom, pointer, tangent drawing...).
All of those elements can be used for reporting.

A fiber holder is provided for light intensity comparisons.

The cuvette (10 x 10 mm) and filters (until 2 filters, ciruclar diam. 40mm or in diapositives) holder permits chemistry or filters experiments thanks its low consumption LED.

Thanks to its magnetised metal housing, this cuvette holder can be fixed directly to the spectrometer by magnetic contact.


Full pack composed of :
- Spectrometer, 2 m optics fibre, filter holder and software included (ref. 202 895)
- Tank holder (ref. 202 857)
Bandwidth 1 nm
Spectral range 360 - 900 nm

Other Specifications

- Spectrometer :
Wavelenght : 360 - 900 nm
Resolution : 1 nm
Integration time : automatic or manual mode : 0,1 ms to 5 s
Type of mounting : Czerny-Turner
Absorbance : 0 à 2,5
Accuracy : less than 1% for A=1
Input slit : 40 µm x 1 mm
Wire : 600 lines / mm blased at 500 nm
CCD sensor: 3648 pixels in line
Interface : USB 2.0
Vertical resolution : 16 bits
Dimensions : 135 x 110 x 61 mm

- Embedded software :
Compatibility : XP/Vista/Seven/8 - 32 to 64 bits
Software: Type Atelier Scientifique
"Plug and Measure" :the software launches automatically

- Fibre and holder :
Fibre optic : lenght : 2 m ; SMA connector
Fibre holder : on rod Ø 10 mm ;SMA connector

- Tank and filter holder
the tank holder connects with the spectrometer by simple magnetic contact.
Magnetic metal housing
Source : long-life and low consumption ;very low heating
Accepted accessories (not provided) : tank holderfor spectrophotometer 10 x 10 mm ; slides ; tokens Ø 40 mm

Power supply : mains and SMA connectors provided

Delivered in a suitcase.

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