Standalone LED ME monocular microscope

  • Reliability and robustness
  • 40x-400x magnification
  • Separate fine and coarse adjustment knobs
  • LED Lighting
  • Used wired or wireless
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Data sheet Standalone LED ME monocular microscope


Associated with the ME range recognized quality, this new microscope model is equipped with:
- an adjustable intensity LED lighting that gives it comfort in use through its cold white light and a long life due to its low power consumption
- rechargeable batteries that allow to use it in all situations, unencumbered by the power cord.
Butée de protection yes
Condenser Condenser lens NA 0,65.
Diaphragm Iris diaphragm with filter holder
Eyepieces x10 large field, fixed by screws.
Focusing Fast by pinion / cog with exhaust, thin by separated micrometric screws
macrometric with the provided key
Head Monocular
Head Monocular, 360° orientable, inclined at 45°
Illumination LED
Magnification x40 to x400
Model Others
Objectives Achromatic
On turret 4 places
x4 NA 0,1 / x10 NA 0,25 / x40 NA 0,65 retractable
Power supply 4,6 V / 500 mA and rechargeable batteries
Stage Rectangular 110 x 120 mm with jacks
Type of objectives Achromatic
Type of product Observation
Éclairage (détails) Adjustable LED by butoon separated from the switch